Friday, April 25, 2008


well, dis would be my first post in dis new blog.. nuthin much to say just have a story to tell :)

erm it goes like dis,
just about 20 minutes ago, i read dis person's blog, it hurt me much i tink coz i fell down after after i read the isi2 in dat blog, my name already consider as haram disebut, that ayat tekene dkat celah paru2la, terase x) but its ok i tink, just understand da situation, well then i realized dat maybee because of me kan, dat person and his/her frens bond become kucar-kacir, i felt guilty n send to myfrends a 'not to long' sms haha xD i feel sory for them n i dunno it can become like dis, i've already tought about dis but they say it will never happen at all, tapi tapi, huhu it did happenla korang, n again, im very sorry, i just want to make frens~ but my faultlaa coz dat person already said to me not to contact with him/her besties, and bcoz of my kedegilan sendiri, stupid me laa actually haha x)

well guys, just to remind you all, dont make other people hurt because of you, n actually i dunno wut im thinkin about..!!haha make frens wif many people, but i tink i lost dat partlaa haha, even ryte now there are some people i tink i should not be fren wif, damn ayat ni keraslaa hahaa x) i mean jgn telalu cntcla kott bcoz it will hurt other person, n y should i care bout that yehh? dunnola i just care haha xD erm well, enjoy your life guys, 4 pasangan couple yang dulu bahagie tapi kini musnah, dun giv up k, move on to your nex chapter, bukak buku baru, terime hakikat, dun wury becoz Allah cipta manusie bepasangan :) 4 pasangan yang dulu dan kini bahagie tu, hope korg will always bahagie 4eva and behave in korg punye relationship :) k2

sumtimes kan kite rase life ni tak adil, well Allah maha Adil
remember that :)

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s e h a said...

nice post
orang yang sabar tu orang yang menang kan ?