Sunday, December 21, 2008

like a child

When you tell me that you love me and you accept me
I say to myself confidently that I have nothing else I need
Although I feel ashamed of my growing greed
I think about you all day again and I feel uneasy

I have a lot of envy like a child
I have a lot of fears like a fool
I can’t believe that right now you are near smiling at me
I am so happy that it’s overwhelming to me
I fear that when I open my eyes everything will disappear
So I can’t fall asleep

I want to give you my everything
I want to feel your heart
Everything that others do I want to share with you
My heart is too hasty and narrow minded, I feel anxious, I feel nervous
That everything will disappear
I am worried

For making me laugh like a child
For making me cry like a fool
For making me feel this flutter in my heart once again
For allowing me to trust you, for being a strength to me
When I open my eyes the first word I want to say is
Thank you so much

For being here by my side, for letting me dream
For being you who gives “US” as a present
I love you :)

kim dong ryul


Ezreen said...

lagu kah?

onyak said...

asal lagu korea~
bes kan?